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Beverage Vending

Micro Markets

The benefits of having Micro Market set up in your place of business.

Micro Markets look and feel like modern convenience stores. However, they function as a hybrid of vending, food service, and refreshment services. They consist of an open rack display, reach-in refrigerated coolers or/and freezers, and a self-checkout kiosk. Consumers are able to pay using cash, credit/debit cards, or a stored value market account, typically accessed through a market card, email address, fingerprint, or mobile app.

Micro market stands
  • Fresh crisp salads and fruit

  • Deli sandwiches, subs, soups, and meal options

  • Premium beverages, sparkling drinks, and juice varieties

  • Popular salty snacks, candies, gum, and mints

  • Low-calorie, low-fat healthy alternatives

  • Breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and cereals

  • Ice cream and other frozen treats

  • Chips, Cookies, and Assorted Snack Packs

  • Much, Much More!

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